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Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Add Blue

This weeks challenge at JAI is to Just Add Blue, this is to raise the Awareness of Depression and Anxiety, and how it affects individual and families. In the work of my "other job" I see many people and families affected either directly or indirectly by depression- it's ripples are insidious and felt widely. So this combined with the fact that since the end of September I have been receiving a lot of very sad news from different Family & friends, and that sometimes a card can express your sadness that other ways do not, I really wanted to make this card.

Yesterday we heard that a cousin's baby has been stillborn, this is such a great immeasurable loss for her, her immediate family and our family as a whole. Being 12,000 miles away means I can do little to help practically. So this little blue card is for them. A sympathy card is always hard to make but this was especially hard. Please send thoughts and prayers to this brave mother, father and sisters of this precious baby boy.

Finally I want to share links that have info and where to get support in NZ for Depression, PND and Stillbirth.

Depression Here

A site for young Kiwis dealing with Depression Here

Post Natal Depression Here

Stillbirth & Newborn Death Support Here


Christine Blain said...

This is a beautiful card, Debi, and I am sure will be very gratefully received. Sometimes "life" throws some very hard curve-balls, doesn't it?

Paula said...

I am so sorry to hear you have received yet more sad news Debi. This card is lovely and very thoughtful. They will be touched that you have made this yourself especially for them during this sad time.

Danielle Daws said...

A gorgeous card. I'm so sorry for your cousin. I can't imagine the grief. Thanks so much for providing those links. Thanks for playing at Just Add Ink and supporting Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month.

Sue Lelli said...

This will mean so much to your cousin in her time of grief. Sometimes when you are so far away, sending a card is like sending a hug. Your card is a big BEAUTIFUL hug from your heart!

Jo said...

A gorgeous card Debi. I can't image the pain your cousin and family are going though. Best wishes to you all.

Anonymous said...

Debi, your card is beautiful (I love the lighting in the photo, too). I'm so sorry to hear your cousin's devastating news; the pain would be unbearable. I'm sure they will appreciate the thought and love that went into making that gorgeous card.